The Unplugged Wedding

April 24th, 2017

Magenta and cream unplugged sign for this gorge church wedding at Christ Church Cathedral. Photo courtesy of Lyndah Wells Photography

I love seeing photos of weddings on my Facebook timeline. But that’s because I love weddings in general, particularly those with unique features. Here’s the thing – most of the local weddings I see are of complete strangers that my friends or friends of friends posted. Do you mind if random people, like, share, compliment or criticize your wedding? If so, consider having an unplugged wedding.

To have an unplugged wedding is to encourage your guests, beforehand and throughout the wedding ceremony (at least), to TURN OFF their cameras and cell phones. I have attended weddings where people watched the ceremony or key moments like the bride’s entrance, the exchange of vows and the first kiss on their camera’s screen. They saw but didn’t really get to experience what was going on because they were so focused on recording it.

There are people who actually step out of the aisle and into the PAID photographer’s path during moments that the couple will wish they could get to see. Why can’t they look at photographs? Because one of their guests wanted to take their own picture and stepped right into the photographer’s frame – ruining the shot. I don’t know about you but I would not want a nice picture of the back of my cousin’s outfit to represent the only official keepsake I will have as my and my husband’s first kiss. That would be enough to make me scream!

This poor man couldn't see his wife to be as she was walking up the aisle because of so many wedding guests turned amateur photographers. Photo courtesy of Your Perfect Wedding Photographer


So, when planning your wedding, you might want to consider advising your guests very nicely in advance that you would like them to truly experience your day with you – without the electronics.

If you just can’t see your guests cooperating, then ask them not to post them on social media for the public to see. They can share them with your privately as a courtesy. And promise to share some pics of your day with them when you get them from your photographer.

Speak up for yourself! You only get one day (unless you are Elizabeth Taylor or Jennifer Lopez), so make sure that you don’t look back on the process with major regrets.

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