Five Questions To Ask Before Planning

May 25th, 2016

Wedding planning is stressful and it can get even worse when you have no idea where to start.  There are five important questions you must answer to guide you through the planning process.  They will keep you focused and on budget.

1. What date do you have in mind?

Having a large wedding to plan in 4 months is much different than having a large wedding to plan in 12 months.  The less time you have to plan means that details have to be finalized quickly and money readily available for deposits. Most venues and vendors require deposits to save your date and full payment may be required anywhere from 2-16 weeks before the date. If you have your heart set on a particular venue keep these things in mind. And don’t forget that unless you plan to walk into a store and walk out with your gown in hand, it can take months before your dream dress arrives for alterations.  Factor in major details before choosing a wedding date that is just a few months away.


2. What is the look and feel you want on your day?

Do you want pure romance or an eclectic celebration? This should determine your décor, styling and venue.  Make sure that your venue doesn’t clash with your theme or cause you to spend extra money trying to transform it.  If your heart is set on having an outdoor wedding, then understand that transforming a hotel ballroom into a garden oasis could be a bit expensive.  Your colours will also play a role as you should pick no more than 4 colours that complement each other (no clashing!) and fit with the overall look you are going for.  If you want soft and romantic, colours like white, blush and cream work really well together.  But if you want an eclectic feel, then don’t expect that those soft colours would make your guests think eclectic (artsy, funky or off the wall) when they see your décor.

Eclectic neon wedding inspiration via Munaluchi Bride http://munaluchibridal.com/modern-neon-wedding-inspiration-shoot-erika-layne-photography/Photo credit: Eclectic neon wedding inspiration via Munaluchi Bride


3. What are the most important elements you want to pay attention to?

Money may not be an object, so you can have luxury in every detail.  But for the average person, there is some number that they can’t cross or don’t want to cross when it comes to the budget.  So, choose the 3-4 elements most important to you.  Is it having a great photographer? Having beautiful floral centerpieces? Having a designer bridal gown? Having top-notch entertainment at the reception? Or enjoying a five-course meal with your guests? Whatever you decide, make sure that your money goes towards those important things and not other“little” details that add up to a big expense.


4. What is your budget?

This is probably the most important factor because it influences EVERYTHING. Your budget influences everything from the types of flowers you can afford (if you want flowers) to the quality of your wedding gown and your venue. Especially if you have a limited budget, I am a firm believer in DIY projects. They can really help you incorporate an element that you can’t necessarily afford to have a professional provide for you. Just don’t expect to DIY your entire wedding unless you truly enjoy doing it and are good at it or have some friends who can provide hours of help. Your budget, as mentioned before, can also influence how quickly you are able to get married if you haven’t started saving up for the wedding prior to getting engaged.

I’ll also explain to you how to DIY parts of your wedding without it looking like you threw things together yourself.


5. Who is paying for what?

Are you two paying for the ceremony and reception or do you have family or friends chipping in? Just remember that if other people are helping out financially, then they will likely want to have some say in your choices. If your dad is buying your gown, he probably won’t approve of you getting something that is strapless, backless and low cut in the front. And if your mom is contributing, she may want to invite all her friends just so she can show you off.

Drop me an email or comment below if you have other questions that you want us to answer!

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