Design vs. Décor vs. Styling

June 1st, 2016

There are a lot of labels floating around in the wedding industry: wedding stylist, consultant, decorator, planner, coordinator etc. It can be confusing for a couple looking for professionals when many of these names are used interchangeably.

Design, Décor and Styling are three very distinct areas. Every Decorator may not be a Stylist and every Designer may not be hands on with Décor. Confused yet?

Wedding design is all about the overall aesthetic or look. That’s why we ask you about your theme and your wedding colours. They include all the “small” details like florals, invitations, lighting and tablescapes that come together to create the look and feel of your wedding.

The design influences the décor. For example, if a couple chooses to have a romantic garden wedding, then the décor could include lots of neutral coloured flowers, candles and greenery. Clearly, all of these items are décor and are used to achieve the look and mood for your wedding day.

Organic green tables cape

Photo Credit: Organic green tablescape from Molly Zaidman Photo


So, where does styling come in? If you are planning to have a DIY wedding, you can choose your theme and go out and buy the items you feel you’ll need to make your dream wedding happen. But what if you get all the items on hand but want to do more than recreate your favourite Pinterest pictures? That’s where styling comes in.

Styling is more than just placing items on tables or arranging some flowers in a vase. Taking those decorative items and arranging them in a way that gives high impact is important. You should want to wow your guest. Weddings aren’t cheap so you might as well go for it! A well-styled wedding is one that you want to pin and save for later (on Pinterest) or cut out of a magazine and stick in your wedding binder.

These three areas are essential and must work together. Make sure that you take them all into account AND ensure that if you have a planner (professional or friend/family member) or decorator, that they can handle all areas or help you identify other professionals who can.


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